Welcome to our wide range of collections of handcrafted lamps, where nature meets illumination in perfect harmony. Explore our curated selection of Natural Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Hanging lamps and Wall Lamps, each meticulously crafted from natural materials including driftwood, hand woven seagrass, rattan, palm leaves, ceramic and marble.

Explore our extensive array of table lamps. From the convenience of portable and rechargeable lamp options, to a diverse range of table lamps crafted from natural materials including driftwood, ceramic, handwoven seagrass, rattan, palm leaf, ceramic as well as the luxurious marble. We offer a wide range of table lamp to elevate your ambiance. Whether you seek modern sophistication or rustic natural charm, our collection boasts an aesthetic mix of designs to suit your décor.

Light up your space with our aesthetic range of floor lamps, hand crafted from natural wood, handwoven rattan or palm leaves. Each floor lamp is a masterpiece of its own, crafted with exceptional attention to detail from the finest materials.

Discover a wide range of our hanging lamps and wall lamps, each meticulously crafted from natural materials to redefine your living space. From natural beauty of driftwood to the timeless handwoven seagrass, rattan, palm leaf and sedge materials, our lamps will create a captivating glow to your living space.